Choose from Quartz, Laminate or solid surfaces:

Quartz Countertops: Quartz makes an ideal material for kitchen countertops. As one of the hardest surfaces on earth, non-porous, and unique blend of beauty and simple care makes quartz an exceptional match for any lifestyle.

• Anti-microbial protection inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew.
• Quartz is naturally non-porous and scratch resistant.
• The beauty of quartz is derived from its multi-dimensional gem-like color.
• Maintenance free means no sealing or polishing for you.

The manufacturing process will allow a much wider range of colors than we would see with natural stones like granite or marble. Quartz is also nice because it takes more trauma to chip it or crack it compared to concrete and granite.

Laminate Countertops: our finest laminates offer easy care and durability along with style; so not only are they beautiful in your home, but they’re also extremely practical. The laminate suppliers we deal with generally have 50+ color choices to choose from; along with custom options, so your choices are virtually endless.

There are also premium laminates available for your kitchen. They dramatically outperform traditional laminate for wear and scuff resistance; leaving your kitchen pristine looking for much more of your homes’ life.

Kitchen Countertops that we carry: