Siding: Vinyl, Aluminum and specialty siding to choose from.

There’s no easier way to protect and beautify your home than vinyl siding. Not only does it provide a cost effective solution to protect your home from the Michigan elements, but there are also ENDLESS colors to choose from!
Aluminum siding is more of a traditional choice to protect your home, but we still carry it for our customers. There are many homes where the aluminum siding adds a great look to the overall ascetics of the home.
Specialty Siding like Exteria’s replica siding panels for example, allows you to create the look of cedar, shake, brick or stone at a fraction of the cost of natural materials on your home. Available in a wide variety of colors, Exteria panels can be used to cover an entire building or as an architectural accent. Another great feature: they are designed to resist insects and the elements that Michigan throws at us.

We have many accessories such as: j-channel, flashing, coil, corner posts (inside and outside), f-channel, finish trim, and more!

Siding that we carry:

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